Earn up to 13% passively investing in real estate projects — no hammers required.

Diversify and expand your portfolio with wealth-generating residential real estate investments, underwritten and originated by our analyst team.
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While there are several crowdfunded real estate investing platforms available to accredited and non-accredited investors, no two have the same operational or business model. Here we attempt to show performance and investor performance distinctions between Upright and some other key players in the space.

UprightCompany 1Company 2Company 3Company 4Company 5Company 6Company 7
Underwrite and originate loans for investment
Yes, on some.
Offer individual loans, short-term notes, and long-term notes
Historic returns over 10%
Focus only on real estate investment
Offering with additional tax benefits
Minimum investment$1,000$10$10$10,000$5,000$1,000$25,000$10,000
Fees for passive investors
Accrue interest from day one of initial investment
Indenture trustee in place
Underwrite and originate loans for investment
At Upright, we underwrite and originate all loans available for investment as an individual note or included in a pooled fund. This is how our company generates revenue, as well as how we keep incentives aligned. Since we are lending the money for these loans, we have a vested interest in them being paid back — that's why we have stringent experience and financial requirements for the borrowers we work with. Our underwriting process includes 40+ points of due diligence to assess risk and opportunity.

Companies that do not originate loans for investment generally do not collect the same fees to generate revenue, nor are they able to manage or mitigate risks associated with the subject borrower's experience or viability of the investment property.
Offer individual loans, short-term notes, and long-term notes
Upright offers a variety of real estate investment offerings to help accredited investors earn income, diversify their investments and risk, and reach their investing goals.

Regardless of offering, every loan is diligenced, underwritten, and originated by our real estate analysts.
Offering with additional tax benefits
Upright offers the Horizon Residential Income Fund I, LLC (HRIF), which is relatively unique in the crowdfunded real estate investing space. HRIF utilizes a sub-REIT (real estate investment trust) structure, which offers investors significant tax benefits.
Historic returns over 10%
Since our founding in 2014, accredited investors on the Upright platform have historically earned returns of more than 10% each year.
Focus only on real estate investing
Upright COO, Jon Andrews has said, "We're like Chick-fil-A, we do one thing really well." That's residential real estate investing. All of our products are for investing in real estate either passively or actively. We believe that trying to do a variety of different crowdfunded investing products means we're going to do some of them poorly, so we focus all of our efforts on real estate. Some of the companies in this list offer investments in art, litigation, or also provide IRAs that can be used to invest in alternative investments. We acknowledge that some investors may want that versatility.
Accrue interest from the day funds clear escrow and earn income within 45 days of investment (or ~monthly)
All Upright investment offerings, Borrower Dependent Notes (BDN), Pre-Funding Note Fund (PFNF), and Residential Bridge Note Fund (RBNF) pay income monthly. The Horizon Residential Income Fund (HRIF) pays income quarterly. On all offerings, funds beginning accruing interest from the day funds clear escrow (usually same day). The majority of our investments are intended to be short-term, and even HRIF has only a 12-month minimum holding period. Some of the companies on this chart focus on long-term investments with quarterly disbursements. Investors should be sure they've done their research before investing.
Indenture Trustee in place
An Indenture Trustee ensures that in the unlikely even of the company's insolvency or bankruptcy, someone is looking out for investor interests. The Indenture Trustee is a third-party that works to ensure investors are still paid interest or repaid principal.