Hard Money Loans for
Investment Portfolios

Short-term, interest-only loans for residential real estate investment portfolios.

When buying a group or portfolio of investment properties, you need financing and an expert team (many who are also real estate investors) to help you maximize the ROI on your purchase.
Types of ProjectsSingle-family home, 2-4 family properties, townhouses, and condos
Max TermUp to 15 months
DetailsInterest-only loan, first position
Loan Amount$100K+
Loan to Cost (LTC)Up to 85%
Construction CostsUp to 100%
Exit StrategySell, Rent + Sell, Rent + Refi Out
StatesCurrently lending in 35 states (see map below).
Types of Projects
Single-family home, 2-4 family properties, 5+ multi-family, townhouses and condos
Max Term
Up to 15 months
Interest-only loan, first position
Loan Amount
Loan to Cost (LTC)
Up to 90%
Construction Costs
Sell, Rent + Sell, Rent + Refi Out
Exit Strategy
Sell, Rent + Sell, Rent + Refi Out
Currently lending in 35 states (see map below).
UPRIGHT portfolio loans

How is a Portfolio Loan Different Than Other Hard Money Loans?

A portfolio loan allows the buyer to purchase multiple properties for their real estate business. This could be a single hard money loan or a series of loans depending on the deal offered. Projects could be rehabs or new construction or a mix of both.

Unlike the well-known FHA 203K rehab loans, a hard money rehab loan cannot be used for an owner-occupied property.

Who Do We Work With?

Upright works with experienced, professional redevelopers and rehabbers with the best deals in the best real estate markets. You’ve got a business to grow, and we’re not looking to mess around.
Looking to scale your business
4 completed and repaid deals in the past 24 months
Cash on-hand for the down payment and closing
VIPs looking for great rates
Where we currently lend
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a portfolio loan?

Portfolio loans allow borrowers to purchase multiple properties. This could be a single hard money loan or multiple loans depending on the situation. Approval is most dependent on the borrower’s overall financial health.

How does a portfolio loan work?

Once you submit your initial application, you’ll provide us with information about your financial situation, including your income, debts, and assets. We will run a credit check as well as check your real estate investing history before approving the loan (or series of loans).