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Blueprint Fund

A new fund from Upright fueling new construction in high-demand, under-homed communities, creating opportunities for investors to access returns from seasoned home builders.

  • Target returns: 11–14% net to investors
  • Target offering: $100M
  • Multiple ways to invest
  • Investment minimum: $15,000

What is the Blueprint Fund?

The Blueprint Residential Income Fund, LLC will purchase first lien, short-term residential new construction mortgage loans underwritten and originated by Upright.

The Fund is designed to provide current income, portfolio diversification, and the significant opportunities of access to a pool of professional developers building homes in underserved areas. The Fund is only open to accredited investors.

An investment in the Fund provides passive exposure to residential real estate, helping to address the housing shortage in the United States and enhance local communities in the process.
  • Invest with as little as $15,000
  • Options to invest via membership equity or fixed-maturity debt
  • Access to significant interest and fee income from mortgages on new construction projects
Fund Strategy
  • Generate current income
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Preserve investment capital
  • Leverage investment to enhance returns and increase diversification
Extensive Track Record
  • Investors benefit from the deep origination experience of Upright.
  • More than $3B of residential mortgages originated across 8,500+ projects.

Offering Investment Options

the blueprint fund
Equity Membership
Target Return
11%–14% net to investors
Preferred return
Minimum Investment
Minimum holding period
12 months
Management fee
*see below
Target Offering
Type of investment
Delaware LLC
FTF Capital Management, LLC
the blueprint fund
Fixed Maturity Debt
Investment Timeline
6-24 month fixed maturity
Stated return per series note
Target offering amount
Investment minimum
Type of investment
Delaware LLC
FTF Capital Management, LLC

Seizing the Moment

This fund seizes this moment by capitalizing on the tightening lending market, positioning us at the forefront of opportunities in the residential construction sector. By strategically aligning with emerging market dynamics, we create a resilient and lucrative investment portfolio.

Asset Class

Residential Housing

New construction residential property investments mean diversification through volume. We don’t invest in one or two massive complexes, we invest in hundreds of individual projects and communities, with a focus on single-family properties.

bank pressures create opportunity

Expertise Wins

We are experts in the space — Upright was built on this asset class. This Fund has organically developed out of the success of the company — new opportunities for a new class of investor.

Growing MSAs

There is no national housing market. Regional economies and markets are diverse, and require local, in-depth understanding. We don’t just observe the markets; we are in them.

geographies that outperform

Residential Stability

We only invest in residential properties. The pressure regional banks are feeling comes from their long term holdings in commercial properties. The asset class and duration of underlying loans work to offset long-tailed macroeconomic shifts.

our unique qualifications
blueprint advantage

Why invest in the Blueprint Fund?

The Fund offers accredited investors the opportunity to spread a single investment across a managed portfolio of short-term, residential bridge mortgage loans originated and underwritten by Upright.

You also get the benefits of:

Instant diversification across multiple geographies, borrowers, and projects

Professional home builders capitalize on the predictability new construction projects afford; untouched land allows them to efficiently complete projects within set timelines and budgets. We see changed budgets ~75% less often on new construction projects compared to rehab. Historically, better FICO, less late payments, and more likely to complete project in allotted term.

No need to research and select individual projects, your investment is always deployed and earning.

Regular income distributions — quarterly for equity and monthly for debt

Short-term loan values are less sensitive to fluctuating interest rates, so fund asset values are expected to be relatively stable compared to typical mortgage REITs that buy 30-year mortgages

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Passive investing Options

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$5,000 min. investment
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10.8%+ average returns
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